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It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to planning your dream Irish vacation, that is why we utilize the knowledge and experience of our local driver guides to offer a completely complimentary tour consultancy service where we will help you to craft the perfect chauffeur tour to exactly suit your requirements and desires.


We have listed some of Ireland's highlights below for inspiration, but you can see what our travel consultants can prepare for you by filling out our online inquiry form now.

Driving tours to iconic areas of natural wonders

Ireland is home to some of the most breathtaking sites and scenery known to the world. Quite simply no tour to Ireland would be complete without visiting some of the locations recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Organization for their outstanding natural beauty such as the Giants Causeway, resplendent with its unique rock formations staring out into the Atlantic Ocean, or the cliffs of Moher  whose wild and rugged beauty stands nearly 800 meters tall and continues down the coast for over 5 breathtaking miles.

Golf & whiskey guided tours

Ireland is home to some of the most spectacular and celebrated links and parkland golf courses in the world. With over 300 courses on the island, your driver-guide will help you plan the best place to fit in a round or two on your holiday.


You may want to take a moment out of your tour to get a true taste of Ireland by visiting one of our 300 Irish whiskey distilleries and discover why authentic Irish whiskey is the fastest-growing spirits category in the world.

Chauffeured Irish city tours

When it comes to variety and unique character between various towns and cities we don’t believe there is anywhere quite like Ireland. Experience where tradition and heritage merge with internationally renowned metropolitan shopping districts in Dublin and Belfast or relax in picturesque harbor towns like Galway where the pace of life is far more laid back and traditional music and songs ring out in bars across the land.


Depending on your tastes, your private driver-guide will help you plan your stay to achieve the perfect balance between peaceful villages and towns and the modern Irish experience

Luxury tours of Ireland made for you

Ideal for individuals, couples, families & small groups

Discover the outstanding natural beauty, centuries of cultural heritage and famously charming and friendly locals on a private driver guided tour of Ireland.


There really is no better way to see this charming, beguiling and occasionally slightly rugged island of ours than in our luxury air-conditioned vehicles with your own personal chauffeur. Your guide will act as your own travel consultant to help you plan an unforgettable vacation that allows you to take in as many sites and locations as you desire and at a pace that suits you.


All requirements are catered for so get started planning your trip today by completing our inquiry form or continue reading to for a taste of what awaits you on your private tour.

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Create your custom tour of Ireland & Scotland

Custom private tours, expertly designed for small groups, couples, families & individuals

Prices from £599.99 per day per group. If you'd like us to book your accommodation or have any special requests, let us know in the comments.

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One of the best touring experiences I've ever been on! Our local driver took at care of all the driving (which you'll find is such a blessing) organization and well.. everything! Couldn't have had a more relaxing and enjoyable trip! Would highly recommend to anyone.

I couldn’t possibly say enough positive things! Never have I had such a relaxed and fun tour experience in addition to leaving it feeling I’ve made a new friend. Great value. Just an incredible touring experience!

Perfect!!! The best tours we have ever experienced. It was the best experience we ever had; the guides were extremely knowledgeable and just fun to be with. They couldn’t do enough for us and were so reliable.

Our driver-guide was extraordinary with a wealth of knowledge and an easy-going, good-humored personality. Our guide knew all the secret spots to show you the real Scotland and it's glorious. I give my very highest rating and thanks for a tremendously enjoyable vacation.

Game of Thrones & film

location tours

Game of Thrones is understandably a global phenomenon, and it is clear to see why the producers selected so many of our dramatic, inspirational and outright gorgeous locations to feature so heavily across all seasons.


Fans of the show will immediately recognize the iconic grounds of Winterfell Castle, the majestic Iron islands, the haunting and beguiling beauty of the haunted forest and if you are lucky you may even encounter one of our real-life direwolves!

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We specialize in providing individual, family and small group tours because we know it is the very best way for you to get the most out of your Irish vacation. We will tailor every aspect of the tour to you and your groups' requirements to ensure that you can visit exactly what you want and for as long as you want.


Our tours are fully customizable and your personal driver-guide will help you prepare the ideal itinerary, so get started planning a simply unforgettable chauffeured vacation to Ireland by completing our online inquiry form below and your personal guide will get back to you.

Our Irish sample itineraries 

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Our driver-guide was extraordinary with a wealth of knowledge and an easy-going, good-humored personality. Our guide knew all the secret spots to show you the real Scotland and it's glorious. I give my very highest rating and thanks for a tremendously enjoyable vacation.

We were in Europe for nearly five months and took several tours like this during our stay. This tour was by far the best, and Rosemary was by far the best guide we had. She was very friendly and informative and went out of her way to accommodate us. We highly recommend it!