Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can go on one of our private tours?

Our tours are not limited to a certain number of passengers. The prices stated on our website are based on tour groups of up to 7 passengers. If you have more than 7 passengers in your tour group, kindly let us know by filling in the form on our custom tours page and one of our tour experts will in touch design the perfect tour for your larger private group. Depending on your tour group size and preferred transportation options, prices may vary. For more information, contact us at and we'd be delighted to help.

What's included in the price of our private driver-guided tours?

The price stated on our website covers the cost of our expert driver-guides, vehicle hire, and the vehicle insurance. Tours lasting more than one night may incur additional costs to cover the accommodation costs faced by the driver-guide. These costs will be explained to you by your tour operator prior to your tour start date. If you need any further information regarding these costs, please contact us at

Do I have to book accommodation seperately from my private tour?

Our luxury tour experts know all the best places across Scotland and Ireland to stay while you're on your tour and can include your accommodation price in your custom itinerary - all you have to do is fill in the form on our custom tours page, and one of our dedicated tour experts will be in touch with you shortly to start designing your tour. If you have any questions about the accommodation options and booking service we provide, please contact us at

What vehicle will I be traveling in during my private tour?

Your tour vehicle depends on your tour group size, budget, and itinerary. All of our local drivers prefer Mercedes-Benz, but if you have a personal preference or request, please let us know when filling out the form on our custom tours page. You may face additional costs depending on your vehicle preference. For more information on our vehicles and the transportation options available to you on a Celtic Private Tour, please contact us at

What is the cancellation policy for Celtic Private Tours?

You can find the cancellation policy here.

Do I have to make reservations at restaurants for my tour in advance?

Our luxury tour experts know all the best restaurants and eateries in Scotland and Ireland - they can help recommend local options and make reservations for you once you've filled in a form on our custom tours page and discussed a route with your personal tour expert! For more information, please contact us at

Do Celtic offer any additional activities while on our driver-guided tours?

Our luxury tour experts can recommend and book many activities (such as restaurants, accommodation, special requests/experiences, tourists attraction spaces, golf tee times, etc.) for you to do on your tour - just ask them while filling out a form on our custom tours page and they'd be delighted to help you plan your perfect private tour! For more information on what we can provide for you and your group on your tour, check out some of our itineraries here or contact us directly at

How do I book a tour with Celtic Private Tours?

First, we recommend contacting one of our luxury tour experts by filling in a form on our custom tours page. However, if you'd like to confirm you tour dates today - you can book now by clicking here and our tour experts will be in touch with your itinerary options.

What is the maximum amount of time you can spend on a tour?

There is no maximum time you can spend on one of our private driver-guided tours! Get in touch with one of our tour experts by filling in a form on our custom tours page and we'll start planning your dream vacation in Scotland and Ireland.

Can I do a half-day tour?

Half-day tours are available on request, please let us know when you fill out a form on our custom tours page.

Can I combine two of the private tour itineraries?

Yes! All of our private tour options and itineraries displayed on our website can be customized completely to fit you and your groups' needs and preferences - just get in touch with us by filling out the form on our custom tours page.

Do I have to pay for the additional activities I go to on my driver-guided tour?

Yes, you may face additional fees for some activities on our tour. If you'd like the find out more about the activities on your tour and how much they will cost, please contact your tour expert at

How do I find out about availability?

Celtic Private Tours is always available! Just let us know what tour dates would like to reserve on our custom tours page and we'll do our best to organize you the perfect private tour of Scotland and Ireland!

What should I bring with me on my private tour?

That depends on your tour itinerary! If you need any help or advice, let your personal tour expert know by contacting them through the form on our custom tours page, or by emailing us at

Can I be picked up at the airport?

Yes! Our driver-guides will pick you up wherever you please - just ask them your personal tour expert to factor that into your tour itinerary.

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Our driver-guide was extraordinary with a wealth of knowledge and an easy-going, good-humored personality. Our guide knew all the secret spots to show you the real Scotland and it's glorious. I give my very highest rating and thanks for a tremendously enjoyable vacation.

We were in Europe for nearly five months and took several tours like this during our stay. This tour was by far the best, and Rosemary was by far the best guide we had. She was very friendly and informative and went out of her way to accommodate us. We highly recommend it!

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Don't miss out on your perfect tour! Confirm your trip with a small deposit & pay the remaining instalments whenever you'd like with no interest or payment fees.

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If your tour is impacted by travel restrictions due to Covid-19, we'll help your group reschedule your trip for a better time, or if you'd prefer, all the money paid for our services returned... completely free of charge.

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We understand that sometimes plans change... Our team will allow you to make changes to your trip before you leave, or even during the trip.

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